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Our top 5 tips on choosing the right wedding photographer to photograph your wedding!


You’ll spend more time with your wedding photographer on your wedding day than almost anyone else- other than your spouse of course! Quality,style and experience are very important, but so is personality. Whether they’re fun, polite or unobtrusive, you do need to be able to get along pleasantly on the day, which of course we do!


Think about the style of wedding photography you like-whether that’s casual, formal, documentary ,glamour or a mix. Your album will be a treasure for generations,so it’s good to think about how people may think about it in years to come! We use the word ‘timeless’ a lot for our style.Look for a photographer whose work you really love and whose style reflects your own.


Wedding photographers have only one chance to get it right, so experience is very important. Who will be shooting your wedding? Did they take the photos you are looking at? How may weddings have they personally shot? Do they have back up gear in case things go wrong? Check out their work in person or online,including testimonial form the previous clients. There has been a recent influx of new wedding photographers that have no experience or qualifications in the field and ultimately let down their clients.


Experience is one thing, quality is another. Take time to assess their wedding photographer to see an entire wedding shoot, not just a few carefully chosen images. Are images in focus, properly exposed and with plenty of detail? How do people look especially the bride and groom? Is the lighting well balanced? How well do they cope with challenges like bright sunshine or rain?


As always, you get what you pay for but a professional wedding photographer with the experience, style and personality is well worth the investment. It’s also important to find out exactly what’s included in the price. Does this price include and album?If so of what type and quality? Will you receive the images files? Have in mind ,your wedding photographs are an investment and a heirloom for your future generations, all you will have left along with your memories of the your special day.

Our top 5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer Chesterfield Derbyshire Sheffield! Come along to our studio located in Chesterfield for a no obligation consultation, have a browse through our extensive portfolios from the many beautiful venues we have photographed over the years including: Ringwood Hall Hotel, Hassop Hall, Aston Hall, Mosborough Hall, Whitley Hall, Baslow Hall, Chatsworth, Cavendish House, Brookfield Manor,Bolsover Castle, Whirlowbrook Hall and many more!   We would love to hear from you!