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Sheffield wedding photography album

Laura and Ben’s beautiful handmade wedding album has just arrived!! They chose an Italian bespoke album which I designed around their images to make it unique for them I can’t wait to show it them I’m sure they will be thrilled!

Experience the power of a wedding album

I know it is tempting to choose a simple uSB wedding photography package with no additions such as a wedding album. If you opt to do that, that is of course possible and we can tailor our packages to meet your requirements. However, as photographers, we think there is something special about having your images in print.

It might also happen that you will put your usb in the drawer, a couple of years will pass and you won’t have any printed images from your wedding day. There is a risk of losing digital data, that’s why we always archive your wedding images. But there is one more problem- nobody looks at them, nobody remembers them, they have been forgotten and most probably will never be printed.

Looking at digital files is easy but touching the print is a completely different experience. Glossy, vivid colours, turning the pages, memories…