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Newborn Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire


Newborn photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

Newborns change dramatically in the first few weeks of life. When they are first born, they are able to bend and curl into these sweet little poses,mimicking how they were in the womb. They sleep so deeply that sometimes it’s impossible to wake them up. And, they have a precious brand new look that reminds us of the miracle of birth. All these amazing characteristics disappear forever after a few short weeks.The goal of newborn photography is to capture this angelic stage.

It is a photography session centred around capturing the beauty and newness of this tiny little miracle that you have brought into the world.

We adore babies and having a family of 3 small children ourselves certainly helps with understanding how precious and wonderful these moments are.


The ideal time to photograph babies is at 3-7 days old, or maximum 10 days.To ensure we can capture your baby during this magical time. We know this can be difficult in the first few weeks and for those parents who don’t feel comfortable with leaving the house and coming to our studio in Chesterfield, we do arrange home photography sessions. Don’t worry about tidying, we only need a small space in which to work our magic!

We provide a variety of sweet little handmade outfits and props which we can discuss with you before your session. It is entirely your choice of how the images will look and welcome any ideas you have. Please feel free to bring any items to personalise your newborn photography session. We recently photographed a newborn called Daisy so her Mum brought along lots of Daisies to include in some of her images- the results were stunning. A handed down throw from your Grandparents is also an excellent idea.

As well as photographing your newborn by themselves, you can also include other family members or siblings as a family portrait.

You have created a special miracle, a beautiful baby unlike any other. Contact us to capture this special stage in your baby’s life so you will never forget it. They will be pictures you will cherish forever, portraits that will become heirlooms.