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How to include your pet in your wedding photography!

They’re part of the family- so here’s how to include your pet in your wedding photography celebrations!

Here are some tips for involving your four legged friend in your celebration.

It was really great to have their wonderful dog ‘Lady’ at Steve and Lucy’s wedding which was at Ringwood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. When they got married she was still young and she was always with them, so it felt really normal to have her at their wedding – they see her as part of the family so the question was really why wouldn’t they have her there?

Lady had a corsage which was attached to her collar which matched the bride’s bouquet, so she really looked like she was part of the day!

All the family adore Lady so were delighted to have her involved and it made it really special for everyone. I think the main thing was that she is now in a lot of their wedding pictures and those memories are there forever. She is gorgeous so made all of the pictures even better!

When Lady got to the church she was pretty excited and wanted to say hello to everyone, whether they were dog lovers or not! Apart from this she was no trouble at all and loved all the attention.

Top five tips for involving your pet in your wedding photography Chesterfield.

Firstly think about what your pet can cope with. Lady is really sociable so she is happy around crowds- shy or timid pets might not enjoy it quite so much.

Work out the logistics: who can bring your pet, who will look after them,how much time will they be there. As much as you love your pet,you will be far too busy on the day to be their main guardian.

Make sure they look part of the day, a corsage looks lovely attached to their collar, or just a decorative collar. If you are more adventurous there are all kinds of items available even jackets and bow ties!

Ignore what other people say! I’m sure someone will think you are crazy, but it’s your pet, your day and your wedding photographs.

Relax- remember they are an animal and there is every chance something will go wrong, it won’t spoil anything, just gee you another special memory to look back on!

 How to include your pet in your wedding photography!