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How to choose your wedding photographer!

Here are some tips on how to choose your wedding photographer:

Go with your gut feeling!

Consider every recommendation you receive, but ultimately let the photos do the talking.Since the photos will be the biggest keepsakes from your wedding day, finding the perfect photographer isn’t something to be rushed. Take your time and keep looking until you find someone whose work you absolutely love.

Also it is very important to research whether the photographer has had the relevant training ,experience and qualifications- particularly MPA to entrust them with your wedding day. Their equipment should also be professional with a minimum of 2 cameras and a variety of lens.

If you pick the right wedding photographer, you should already trust their skill, aesthetic, professionalism and vision. To help get the level of trust with your photographer there few things to consider:

1. Have an in person meeting. This is key because the way you describe or envision something may not be how your photographer understands. If you can point out photos that you love (or don’t) this will help your photographer better understand your vision and how best to capture your day.

2.  Book an engagement session. This is a great way to get to know your wedding photographer and practise those shots that you love.

3. Ask your photographers opinion. Ask your photographer for his thoughts on things like venue decor or your dress, because those things can have a big impact on your photos.

4. Price. How much do you value your wedding photographs?After the cake has been eaten, flowers have died, the room has been trashed, the dj has gone home- what do you have left? Your memories and your photographs. Although you should have a budget for your photography you should prioritise it over some of the other services that would seem less important.

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