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Here are some tips on how to choose your wedding photographer:

Go with your gut feeling!

Consider every recommendation you receive, but ultimately let the photos do the talking.Since the photos will be the biggest keepsakes from your wedding day, finding the perfect photographer isn’t something to be rushed. Take your time and keep looking until you find someone whose work you absolutely love.

Also it is very important to research whether the photographer has had the relevant training ,experience and qualifications- particularly MPA to entrust them with your wedding day. Their equipment should also be professional with a minimum of 2 cameras and a variety of lens.

If you pick the right wedding photographer, you should already trust their skill, aesthetic, professionalism and vision. To help get the level of trust with your photographer there few things to consider:

1. Have an in person meeting. This is key because the way you describe or envision something may not be how your photographer understands. If you can point out photos that you love (or don’t) this will help your photographer better understand your vision and how best to capture your day.

2.  Book an engagement session. This is a great way to get to know your wedding photographer and practise those shots that you love.

3. Ask your photographers opinion. Ask your photographer for his thoughts on things like venue decor or your dress, because those things can have a big impact on your photos.

4. Price. How much do you value your wedding photographs?After the cake has been eaten, flowers have died, the room has been trashed, the dj has gone home- what do you have left? Your memories and your photographs. Although you should have a budget for your photography you should prioritise it over some of the other services that would seem less important.

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They’re part of the family- so here’s how to include your pet in your wedding photography celebrations!

Here are some tips for involving your four legged friend in your celebration.

It was really great to have their wonderful dog ‘Lady’ at Steve and Lucy’s wedding which was at Ringwood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. When they got married she was still young and she was always with them, so it felt really normal to have her at their wedding – they see her as part of the family so the question was really why wouldn’t they have her there?

Lady had a corsage which was attached to her collar which matched the bride’s bouquet, so she really looked like she was part of the day!

All the family adore Lady so were delighted to have her involved and it made it really special for everyone. I think the main thing was that she is now in a lot of their wedding pictures and those memories are there forever. She is gorgeous so made all of the pictures even better!

When Lady got to the church she was pretty excited and wanted to say hello to everyone, whether they were dog lovers or not! Apart from this she was no trouble at all and loved all the attention.

Top five tips for involving your pet in your wedding photography Chesterfield.

Firstly think about what your pet can cope with. Lady is really sociable so she is happy around crowds- shy or timid pets might not enjoy it quite so much.

Work out the logistics: who can bring your pet, who will look after them,how much time will they be there. As much as you love your pet,you will be far too busy on the day to be their main guardian.

Make sure they look part of the day, a corsage looks lovely attached to their collar, or just a decorative collar. If you are more adventurous there are all kinds of items available even jackets and bow ties!

Ignore what other people say! I’m sure someone will think you are crazy, but it’s your pet, your day and your wedding photographs.

Relax- remember they are an animal and there is every chance something will go wrong, it won’t spoil anything, just gee you another special memory to look back on!

 How to include your pet in your wedding photography!



Wedding photography ideas Chesterfield 

Creative wedding photography should be about making your wedding photos stand out from the rest! We encourage our couples to incorporate some original photography ideas and some of their ideas from their favourite images.

A lovely touch in this photograph is where  Nadene is holding a photograph of her parents wedding day.

Sharne and Ian have a hearing disability and wanted to incorporate their sign language in their photographs, they gave me lots of inspiration for special images we could produce.

Mario and the boys didn’t need much encouragement to have a great time in this photograph in the grounds of Ringwood Hall Hotel!

Nadene and Nick are crazy about camper vans and hired a vintage Volkwagen for their day at Hassop Hall in Derbyshire.


Together with our creative ideas and your passion for your special day we can produce many vibrant, unique and timeless images for you to treasure.

Or complimentary pre wedding consultation is a great time to have a chat together about ideas we have, to make your wedding photography truly unique.

Wedding photography ideas Chesterfield


Chesterfield weddings at Ringwood Hall Hotel

A busy wedding show yesterday at Ringwood Hall Hotel Chesterfield, a mid week show didn’t put people off making the effort to come along after work.

Lots of couples enjoyed our stand looking through our wedding albums and trying our photo booth, nice to see couples who had already booked with us.

The hotel looked fabulous throughout. Here are a few pics of some of the suites set up for ideas and inspiration on how your wedding could look!

Ringwood Suite, Coach House Suite, Portland Suite and Chatsworth.



Chesterfield weddings at Ringwood Hall Hotel


A great show yesterday at the Palace Hotel Buxton set in the heart of the stunning Peak District in Derbyshire.

Photo booth at Buxton Derbyshire

Our luxury photo booth was in full swing, lots of people enjoyed trying our props and had loads of laughs. Many Bride and grooms hadn’t experienced a photo booth before and said what a great idea and fun addition for their wedding evening reception.

Many also commented how our photo booth was one of the largest and nicest ones available! Thank you 🙂

Here are some pics from the day , showing the Palace Hotel, their reception and stunning staircase and the High Peak Suite where we were exhibiting our photo booth.