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Chesterfield Derbyshire and Peak District wedding photographer.

Celebrate your story….

Your wedding photographs may be your only reminder of the once in a lifetime day that you shared together. That is why most of our wedding packages include a full days attendance, your day stars bright and early with bridal preparations usually ending late in the evening as you and you guests dance the night away.

We only photograph one wedding per day, so you cab be assured that we will aways be on hand to capture all those special moments, leaving you with a complete story of your day. With a reputation for fun, relaxed and timeless wedding photography, your wedding album will capture the passion and excitement of your complete wedding day.

Complementing your wedding photography are handcrafted wedding albums from the worlds finest manufacturers in Italy and New Zealand. Along with professionally designed magazine style wedding story books, each filled with opulent and beautiful memories you will treasure forever.

Here is  some of our photography in Chesterfield Derbyshire and Peak District  featuring Ringwood Hall Hotel‘s beautiful garden Pavilion.



Having been fortunate enough to be a wedding photographer at hundreds of weddings and heard many a brilliant speech, here are a few tips on how to ease the nerves and plan your perfect wedding speech!

1. Plan in advance

The wedding day may not be well be six months off but that’s not to say writing your speech can wait until the night before, which believe me I have witnessed!

Whether you’re one of the happy couple,the best man or father of the bride, get prepared in advance.

2. Practice makes perfect

Try out your wedding speech in front of a mirror or even better an impartial audience. Ask for feedback (from the audience  not the mirror obviously)and time yourself. You don’t want to over run but equally you don’t want to fall short either. Although I said practise makes perfect, some of the biggest laughs and most successful speeches have been when there has been a mistake or two!

3. Consider using props for your wedding speech

Whether it be a souvenir from the stag do (mankini springs to mind) a photo montage or ,er , a sheep (yes this actually happened) props make everything that little bit more exciting and dynamic.

4. Make notes .make sure you read the notes

Make a copy of the wedding speech and keep it in your pocket – don’t be cocky and assume you’ll learn it word for word off by heart. When it comes to actually giving your speech decide if you want to keep it in your pocket or or take it our and read from it. Some have used postcards with large text laid on the table for reference. If you forget your words, freestyle.

5. Look up some quotes you can use..

Think timeless, think romantic, think funny. You don’t have to read out the whole thing just pick out a couple of key lines and speak them with as much Shakespearean passion as you can master!

6. Tailor your content for your wedding audience

Consider who you’ll be taking too. Grandma in the audience?, small children?Check that you aren’t saying anything  that could be easily offend, upset or be copied!

7. On the day, you’ll be be too happy to feel nervous

8 . Do not be put off by cries of louder from the back

If you’re asked to speak up ,clear your throat and start again. Don’t let this put you off. However do not make direct lingering eye contact with anyone as this will throw you off. If you are using a microphone, keep it close to your chest and try not to wave it around.

9. Own that stage!

Ok, so technically it’s not your day (unless you’re the bride and groom) but that’s not to say you can’t shine. Aim for happy audience, aim for laughter, aim for tears. Settle for nothing less than a standing ovation and an encore at the end.

10. Don’t forget to enjoy it!


Chesterfield , sheffield wedding photographer speeches tips


A magnificent building in the heart of Buxton, a stunning venue for your wedding. Set in the stunning peak district national park and surrounded by breath taking scenery it is a perfect location for wedding photography.

Buxton is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the peak district famed for its natural spring water and Georgian architecture . The town was founded by the Romans who called it Aquae Arnemetiae. It was the 5th Duke of Devonshire who put Buxton on the map with development in 1780s the centrepiece being the Georgian Crescent soon to be a 5*hotel. Visitors to Buxton can fill their own bottles from the permanent flow at St Annes well in front of the Crescent.

The towns magnificent architecture also includes The pavilion gardens , 23 acres of award winning ornamental gardens . There is a historic winter gardens linking to the opera house with the main complex.

The Devonshire Dome was built in 1779 by John Carr of York for the 5th Duke of Devonshire and provided facilities for up to 120 horses and accommodation for secants and ostlers of those staying in the crescent. The Devonshire Dome is now the campus of the university of Derby in Buxton and Buxton college.

Measuring over 150 feet in diameter the Dome is bigger than St pauls cathedral in london and is the largest unsupported dome in europe. The grade II listed building is open to visitors as well as students. The dome houses a fine dining restaurant cafe modern hair and beauty salons and a wonderful commercial spa. Corporate events and wedding fairs are regularly held in the Dome.

With plenty to do and attractions to see your wedding guests will have an enjoyable stay. With breath taking scenery and beautiful architecture you won’t fail to have stunning wedding photography at Buxton.


We are located within 5 mins from the Peak District National Park, Buxton Peak District Wedding Photographer.


Our top 5 tips on choosing the right wedding photographer to photograph your wedding!


You’ll spend more time with your wedding photographer on your wedding day than almost anyone else- other than your spouse of course! Quality,style and experience are very important, but so is personality. Whether they’re fun, polite or unobtrusive, you do need to be able to get along pleasantly on the day, which of course we do!


Think about the style of wedding photography you like-whether that’s casual, formal, documentary ,glamour or a mix. Your album will be a treasure for generations,so it’s good to think about how people may think about it in years to come! We use the word ‘timeless’ a lot for our style.Look for a photographer whose work you really love and whose style reflects your own.


Wedding photographers have only one chance to get it right, so experience is very important. Who will be shooting your wedding? Did they take the photos you are looking at? How may weddings have they personally shot? Do they have back up gear in case things go wrong? Check out their work in person or online,including testimonial form the previous clients. There has been a recent influx of new wedding photographers that have no experience or qualifications in the field and ultimately let down their clients.


Experience is one thing, quality is another. Take time to assess their wedding photographer to see an entire wedding shoot, not just a few carefully chosen images. Are images in focus, properly exposed and with plenty of detail? How do people look especially the bride and groom? Is the lighting well balanced? How well do they cope with challenges like bright sunshine or rain?


As always, you get what you pay for but a professional wedding photographer with the experience, style and personality is well worth the investment. It’s also important to find out exactly what’s included in the price. Does this price include and album?If so of what type and quality? Will you receive the images files? Have in mind ,your wedding photographs are an investment and a heirloom for your future generations, all you will have left along with your memories of the your special day.

Our top 5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer Chesterfield Derbyshire Sheffield! Come along to our studio located in Chesterfield for a no obligation consultation, have a browse through our extensive portfolios from the many beautiful venues we have photographed over the years including: Ringwood Hall Hotel, Hassop Hall, Aston Hall, Mosborough Hall, Whitley Hall, Baslow Hall, Chatsworth, Cavendish House, Brookfield Manor,Bolsover Castle, Whirlowbrook Hall and many more!   We would love to hear from you!


 Wedding Photographer Derbyshire at The George Hotel Hathersage

Welcome to the world of wedding photography at the George Hotel Hathersage in the heart of the Peak District.

Once an old coaching inn, this 500 year old building,with plush furnishings, excellent service and a unique blend of classic and modern interior it is a wonderful venue for your wedding celebrations. The hotel boasts an award winning restaurant, beautiful function rooms and stylish bedrooms and has a lovely charming courtyard at the rear, great for intimate wedding photographs. 

A suberb location with the spectacular Derbyshire Dales countryside on it’s doorstep.With stunning views and attractions all around including Derwent Valley where the lancaster bombers, dam busters was filmed. The magnificent Lady Bower and charismatic little villages close by with refreshing country walks. Padley Gorge is just around the corner great for paddling and picnicking in the summer months. The Blue Johns Cavern at Castleton. For those family members who want to stay on to explore the area there is plenty of attractions for them to choose from!

And not forgetting the magnificent surprise view as you drive down the mountain towards Hathersage itself. This is a wonderful location for wedding photography as the 360 views are amazing for miles around. Many couples request a trip to surprise view only 5 minutes from the George Hotel to capture the breathtaking views and to take the opportunity of some spectacular wedding photographs for their wedding album.

Situated close to Sheffield and on the route to Manchester, it is convenient for family members to gather ,a perfect venue for an intimate wedding.

Wedding photographer Derbyshire at the george hotel hathersage